A film production company with focus set on
visual storytelling. Based in Stockholm Sweden.

I don’t distinguish between magic and art
- Alan Moore



The inspiration for this Tid video is a mix between John Bauer’s art and our favorite movies from the 70’s and 80’s; Fairy tales and sci fi - the lands and worlds of wonder and mystery. In order to get the right feel the video has been transposed to VHS and then back to digital - a form of true filtering to obtain a true VHS quality. As with the idea for video, this is a sonic landscape telling mystic truths and esoteric visions. The constructed dawn: Aurora Surrealis - Mankind’s own sunrise.

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed
- Stanley Kubrick



Emily has lost her mother, her aunt and grandmother to breast cancer and is one among many women who is susceptible and vulnerable to the disease. This will be the documentation of her journey across the world on the quest for the meaning of breasts.

This documentary is currently in pre-production as we are looking for funding and co-producers. For more information please get in touch.

Every man should pull a boat over a mountain once in his life
- Werner Herzog



For the outlaws. For the fighters. For the outcasts. For those that live outside the margin of that which constitutes our society. For the passionate ones. For those that do not follow any given set of rules. Blood and Spirit is the trilogy that seeks to capture the souls of artists and those who tread their own path to personal enlightenment and creative wealth.


A biographical portrait of the self-taught tattooer and artist ”Little Swastika”, whose work is well known worldwide. He has made a name for himself with his unique, bold and controversial style. With topics such as religion, self-mutilation and psychedelics we dive into the mind of a great artist.


The Swedish prizefighter Magnus ”Jycken” Cedenblad fights for the number one mixed martial arts organisation - The UFC. What is violence? Is fighting a part of our primal selves? What goes through the mind of a fighter as he stands face-to-face with an opponent who will do everything in his power to hurt him?


Erik Danielsson is the creative mind behind Watain, the Swedish black metal band reaping success not only among fans but also in the public eye. Who is the man behind the corpse paint? What does black metal mean to him? Can music be considered a religion? Magic, fire and death.

I love everything that is not normal
- Alejandro Jodorowsky